Campo De Mayo / Permafrost - A Blindfold Stained With Blood / Haunting The Forgotten (Split)

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Campo De Mayo
1.Intro 00:57
2.A Blindfold Stained With Blood 05:39
3.For Those Who Were Forgotten 05:12
4.Another Glance... Even Colder 02:13
5.Back Into The Forests 04:41
6.Revelations Of Doom (Hellhammer cover) 02:55

Permafrost (Arg)
7.Under Branches Of Desolation 02:52
8.Winds Wounding The Night 05:26
9.A Voice From The Mountain Side 05:39
10.Fog Spirit Of The Ancient Woods 05:36
11.And Fierce Shadows Crept Over My Soul 04:46
12.Leaving The Forests Of Vrimmr 01:54

Country: Argentina
Genre: Black Metal